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The SX2 mount offers simple and easy operation of your telescope with a newly developed STAR BOOK ONE dual axis handheld controller.
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Άρτια εκπαιδευμένο επιστημονικό και τεχνικό προσωπικό, είναι στη διάθεσή σας ανά πάσα στιγμή, για να λύσει τις απορίες και τους προβληματισμούς σας σχετικά με τον εξοπλισμό σας.

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Casual Observing with the STAR BOOK ONE

The SX2 mount offers simple and easy operation of your telescope with a newly developed STAR BOOK ONE dual axis handheld controller. The SX2 mount incorporates precision pulse motors and Vixen’s accurate micro-step motion control makes the rotation of the pulse motors extremely stable and smooth.

Stepping Motors and Micro-Step Motion Control System

The SX2 mount has precision stepping motors and micro-step motion control which provide excellent performance in response. The four ball bearings used for the RA and DEC worm shafts and one needle bearing for the DEC clamp unit achieve silk smooth movements of the mount.

Declination Body acting as part of a Counterweight

Placing the motors in the declination body allows the motors themselves to work as the weight. It greatly helps in balancing the optical tube with a fewer counterweights.

Retractable Counterweight Bar

Durable stainless steel is used for the counterweight bar. It is moved back into the mount body for storage by loosening the bar lock lever. It is convenient for transporting and setting up the mount easier.


R.A. 180-tooth full circle micro-movement wheel gear, 72mm in diameter
DEC 180-tooth full circle micro-movement wheel gear, 72mm in diameter
Worm gears 9mm in diameter
R.A. axis 40mm in diameter
DEC axis 35mm in diameter
Number of bearings 5 pieces
Counterweight bar 20mm in diameter, retractable
Polar axis scope Optional
Altitude adjustment Latitude adjustable between 0 degree and 70 degrees (divided in 3 zones: +/-15 degrees per zone, for high, middle and low latitudes), altitude scale in 2 degrees increments
Azimuth adjustment Twin tangent screws with knobs: about 1.2 degrees per rotation, adjustment range: about +/- 7 degrees
Drive motors Pulse motors with micro-step motion control (about 250pps)
Automatic tracking High precision tracking with STAR BOOK ONE, Maximum slewing speed: about 1000 times of sidereal rate (x999 on display)
Loading capacity
(for imaging)
12 kg at a point of 25cm above from the place where the RA and DEC axes cross.
Controller port D-SUB9PIN Male
Power port DC12V EIAJ RC5320A Class4
Power source/Consumption DC12V, 0.3 to 2.0 A (SX2 and STAR BOOK ONE), Comes with Cigarette-lighter plug cord as standard accessory
Dimensions 343mm x 360mm x 128mm
Weight About 7.0 kg without counterweight
Counterweight 1.9 kg x 1


Features of STAR BOOK ONE


The latest style of a dual axis handheld controller is standard for the SX2 mount.

The four direction buttons on the TAR BOOK ONE move the SX2 mount in X and Y dual axis (RA and DEC directions) either quickly or slowly. Versatile tracking options are available in addition to the sidereal and solar tracking rates. The backlash compensation, autoguider port and built-in red LED light are part of useful functions provided the STAR BOOK ONE.

  • Power source/consumption: DC12V 
    (supplied from the mount side.)
  • Dimensions: 13.7cm x 6.6cm x 2.1cm
  • Weight: 110g
  • CPU: 32bit CISC Processor

Lightweight, Compact and Smart Handheld Controller 

The STAR BOOK ONE allows you to operate the mount in simple X and Y dual axis movements (RA and DEC directions) in one hand. The command buttons are laid out neatly so that they are accessible with wearing a glove. 

LCD Screen

A 2-line 8-character STN LCD screen furnishes the adjustable LED backlight which is adaptive to your eyes in a dark observation site.

Language Setting

The language is available in Japanese and English.

Red LED Light

The built-in red LED light is equipped on the back of the handheld controller. It allows you to keep accommodating your eyes to darkness at an observation site.

Versatile Tracking

The tracking options are available from sidereal rate, Kings rate, lunar rate, solar rate and many more. Also, different tracking speeds are available for time-lapse photography.

Tracking Direction

The STAR BOOK ONE works in both the northern and southern hemispheres.

Slewing Speed

The slewing speed is selectable from either a preset 4 speed range or different speed ranges (between X0.5 and X999 of sidereal rate) listed in the menu.

Backlash Compensation

The backlash compensation provides a reduced time lag at the point of revised motion where the gears lose contact. It gives smoother rotation of the gears on the mount.


The STAR BOOK ONE can be used for autoguiding in conjunction with an external autoguiding system that is compatible with the SBIG autoguiders.


The PEC allows rectifying an irregular motion of the tracking gear wheels that affects in long exposure astrophotography. It allows you to achieve the tracking with high accuracy.

The STAR BOOK ONE controller is not available for a PC.
The STAR BOOK ONE is not sold separately.


Controller STAR BOOK TEN
CPU 32bit RISC Processor 324MHz
Display 5-inch TFT color LCD, WVGA (800×480 = 384,000pixels)
65,536 colors, with adjustable backlighting
Electricity input DC12V EIAJ RC5320A Class 4
Autoguider port 6-pole 6-wired modular jack
Mount port D-SUB9PIN
LAN connecting port 10BASE-T
Power source DC12V (supplied from the mount side)
Battery for backup memory CR2032
Power consumption About 0.5W (at the use independently)
Working temperature 0 degree to 40 degree Centigrade
Dimensions 169mm×154mm×30mm
Weight 380g (13.4 oz)
Firmware update Via LAN

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