Omegon Tripod ball-head Pro OM8 Zoom


Omegon Tripod ball-head Pro OM8

# NI-54357

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On trips or on small tripods - the small OM8 ball head is perfect. It has everything a ball head needs, but still saves a lot of weight. Ideal for most SLR and system cameras.
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Omegon Tripod ball-head Pro OM8

On trips or on small tripods - the small OM8 ball head is perfect. It has everything a ball head needs, but still saves a lot of weight. Ideal for most SLR and system cameras. 

The advantages in a nutshell

  • ball head made of aluminium, black anodized, 310 grams
  • two spirit levels for perfectly aligned photos
  • high-grip friction screw - allows you to match the smooth running of the ball head precisely with your instrument and your preferences
  • 3/8" tripod thread, 1/4" tripod screw for mounting camera or binoculars
  • quick-release plate with fail-safe feature and flat prism clamping for an extra strong grip

Ball head - for all directions

The advantage of a ball head is that you move your camera so freely in any direction. So you can be really fast with it when it matters. Say you see a golden eagle circling high in the air - capturing it in the field of view is not easy, but a ball head gives you a real chance! Instead of having to use multiple levers, you can intuitively move your camera to where it needs to go.

360 degree panorama scale

An accurate 360° pan is easy with this ball head. There is a line scale with two divisions between 0 and 180 degrees. Ideal for successful panoramic shots.

The horizon is now always straight

All your photos are taken at the perfect angle. With two spirit levels, parallel shots are possible in every direction - horizontal or vertical.

Quick-release plate and flat clamping

The quick-release plate lets you mount a camera or binoculars onto your tripod in seconds. The side clamping bolt, which fixes your instrument extremely firmly in place flat to the tripod, ensures a secure hold. The advantage - you can move the plate by about an inch in both directions. In addition, it also has a safety feature in case the clamp is not be fully tightened. Your valuable optics are always securely mounted on the OM8 ball head.


Χαρακτηριστικά Προϊόντος

Καθ.Βάρος (γρ.) 300

Επιπλέον Πληροφορίες

Type Ball head
Load capacity (kg) 3
Thread for camerarecording 1/4
Inclination range (°) -95 bis +40
Bending range (°) 360
Number of levels 3
Connector thread on tripod head 3/8
Friction adjustment Ball joint

Special features

Tilt lock yes
Bending clamp yes
Single-handed operation yes
Quick-release plate yes
Panorama scale yes


Height (cm) 9
Weight (kg) 0,3
Series Pro
Colour black
Width (cm) 4,5

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