Autoguider Starlight XPress

Autoguider Starlight XPress "LODESTAR", Monochrome

Autoguider Starlight XPress "LODESTAR", Monochrome


Starlight Xpress Lodestar high sensitive Autoguider

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Autoguider Starlight XPress "LODESTAR", Monochrome

Starlight Xpress Lodestar Autoguider - highly sensitive - Ultra compakt - USB2.0
... An auto guider of the latest generation, very easy to operate - no more problems with finding guide stars!
... small and lightweight as an 1.25" eyepiece

The Lodestar is the most sensitive auto guider we know. Even with small apertures you'll have normally no problems with finding guide stars - thanks to the Sony ICX 429 AL sensor.

lodestar comparison
Size comparison Lodestar vs. 1.25" eyepiece

The Lodestar's advantages:

- highly sensitive - no problems with finding guide stars
- ultra compact and lightweight: like a 1.25" eyepiece
- USB 2.0 connection with integrated opto couplers
- Autoguider and CCD camera in one
- Comes with the ST4 Level autoguiding cable

lodestar connection

Lodestar's connection side

Technical details:

Sensor: ICX429AL Sony CCD Chip Grade 1
Sensor size: 6,4 mm x 4,75 mm
Pixels: 752x580 Pixel - 8.2 x 8.4 µm
Quantum efficiency: 65% @ 620nm - 400nm 35% @ 770nm
Full Well capacity: better than 50.000e (unbinned)
Data depth: 16 Bit
PC connection: USB 2.0
Download speed: typical 0.2 s per full frame
Power supply: via USB
Passive air cooling
Size: 32mm diameter / 72 mm length
Mechanical connection: 1.25" and C-Mount
Backfocus: 13mm
Weight: approx. 50 gr.

The software package contains a basic operation application and plugins for AstroArt and Maxim-DL.

Scope of delivery:
-- Lodestar Autoguider
-- Computer cable with USB connection
-- Autoguiding cable - ST4 connection

lodestar spectral

Lodestar spectral response curve

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