CCD CAMERA High Speed, Color

ALccd5L-IIc - high speed lunar/planetary camera, max. 200 pfs - color version



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High speed lunar / planetary camera, max 200 fps
color version


This new camera is especially designed for lunar and planetary imaging. With a diameter of 1.25", it fits directly into the focuser.

PC interface via USB 2.0; a ST-4 interface for guiding purposes is integrated, too.diagram

Scope of delivery:
-- USB Cabel
-- 1,25" Adapter
-- St-4 Adapter


Technical details

Sensor: Aptina MT9M034
Sensor size: 4.83 x 3.63 mm
Pixel: 1280 x 960
Readout: Progressive Scan
Electronic shutter
Exposure time: 20µs ... 10 min
QE: blue 52%, green 62%, red 58%
Frame rate: 30 ... 200 fps
IR cut filter: integrated, can be screwed off
Back focus: 10,4 mm

-- IR cut filter included, can be screwed off
-- Camera driver work from Win XP SP3 through Win 8 64-bit
-- Single frames can be saved as .bmp, .tiff, .fit
-- Videos are saved as .avi
-- All ASCOM compatible applications are supportet, EZPlanetary is included, camera is implemented in FireCapture

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